Getting Started

Install, Upgrade and Configure Blesta-Cerb Plugin

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Blesta-Cerb plugin does not require additional software beyond the requirements of running Blesta and Cerb. All integrations between Blesta and Cerb use their respective APIs and do not require any special modifications. Refer to Blesta Requirements and Cerb Requirements

It is recommend to uninstall the Support Manager plugin to avoid Blesta client confusion within the same company. In our testing, we have not encountered any issues of having both installed and running at the same time for the same Blesta company. Other use cases like one Blesta company using the built-in Support Manager while another Blesta company using the Blesta-Cerb plugin is supported.

Supported Versions

Best efforts are made to keep up with the latest version of each software. Please report bugs if found. Beta testers are much appreciated.

Tested versions

ProductMajor VersionMinor Version
Blesta50, 1
Blesta410, 11, 12
Cerb94, 5, 6

Patch (0.0.X) releases are not shown but have been tested


Installation steps for a clean install of the Blesta-Cerb plugin


Upgrade steps for the Blesta-Cerb plugin

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